Rock Band facts you won’t believe.


Nirvana was earlier called Skid Row — Skid Row happens to be the name of another Heavy metal band that was formed on 1986 in New Jersey. That’s not it, there was another Irish Blues band by the name Skid Row during the 1960s— Phill Lynott and Gary Moore of Thin Lizzy played for this band. 

Eddie and the Hot Rods 

This band was from Essex and were formed in 1975. They were ardent admirers of occultist Aleister Crowley and they wrote a song that was inspired by his motto — ‘Do what thou wilt is the whole of the law’. The song was called “Do Anything You Wanna Do”, an ode to self-empowerment. What they did wrong was, they had a comicized picture of him on their album cover. This did not go down well with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin (a follower of Crowley), who we now know as one of the best guitarists in the world. It is believed that this angered Page, and he sent them into a curse.


Do you know who the bassist of this band was? Do you?
K E A N U R E E V E S.
The day I found out, I listened to all their songs. They even performed at ZEE Cine Awards in India, year 2013.

Florence and the Machine

Florence Welch is one of my favorite vocalists. She is believed to have spent her childhood singing at funerals.

Alanis Morrissette 

Alanis was an actress as a child. She was on the Nickelodeon show You Can’t Do That On Television at age 10, and appeared in a movie a year later with Matt LeBlanc (Heart eyes) as her boyfriend. In 1992, she moved to LA and was on TV sitcom Just One Of The Girls.

Love the way you lie 

Not a Rock band fact but here it goes – It was originally written by the power house of talent, Skylar Grey, but couldn’t record it with Eminem cos she was touring in Dublin, Ireland at the time and couldn’t find a studio to re-record her demo vocals.

Sex Pistols

Sex Pistols, an English band formed in 1975 became the most controversial band in 1977 for their song ‘God Save the Queen’. The sales figures of this song were rigged and was banned to be played as the top 1 track on television by BBC for ‘bad taste’. They were also kept away from BBC’s ‘Top of the Pops’ as the number one band that week. The song was released just a day before the Queen’s Jubilee, but it wasn’t written specifically for it. 4 decades later, the band opened for the Olympic Games, 2012 in London in the very presence of Her Majesty.

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Song connections you didn’t know about!

Or rather, song connections I didn’t know about.

Sampling songs has been around for a while, and is an acceptable practice if done right. I am not sure how many of the ones I’ve listed here are legally done, but here are some that caught my attention. 

Messing Around — Pitbull feat. Enrique

This song was playing at a club on a friday night. Something in me told me I knew this song and I Shazammed it immediately. It said Pitbull feat. Enrique. But I knew it from somewhere else. I got home and looked it up and it was ‘Take it on the run’ by REO Speedwagon. Turns out Messin around includes a sample from the 80s hit, from the album Hi Infidelity.

| I heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend who
Heard it from another that you been messin’ around

Nevermind — Nirvana

I’ve been a huge fan of Nirvana. Their song Nevermind is almost a slowed down replica of Eighties by the band Killing Joke. Apparently, Nirvana initially considered holding off releasing the song as a single. Killing Joke considered legal action, but the unfortunate death of Kurt Cobain, stopped them from doing it. The lead singer of Killing Joke later said, “…It’s a short f — king life, mate — we could be going fishing or doing something sensible,”

One of my favorite vocalists, Dave Grohl, the drummer of Nirvana and the front man of Foo fighters, happens to be a big fan of Killing Joke, and he chose to help them out by playing drums on their 2003 album titled Killing Joke.

The Pretender — Foo Fighters 

The intro to these songs does sound similar— and I found this gem. I was so glad to see there were other people who saw the similarity. I don’t know if this could be really categorized as ‘sampling’, but every time the intro to The Pretender plays, I end up humming Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin instead. 

Best Song Ever — One Direction


OK! THE WHO has to be the greatest band that’s out there, and I never thought anyone could have replicated or sampled their songs. 

But turns out One Direction has done it. The song Best Song Ever (Really? Don’t think so) sounds like one of my favorite songs of all time — Baba O’ Reily. Although I am a huge fan of Harry Styles now, I was never particularly a fan of One Direction. I never listened to any of their songs. 

The Who were quite furious when they learnt about this song, and wanted it to be taken off of YouTube. But the One Direction fan base took to twitter and started the #Donttouchbestsongever trend. The song is still up on Youtube with a whopping 652 Million views. 

Locked Out of Heaven— Bruno Mars 

The first version of Locked out of Heaven I heard was Khaya Cohen’s audition on The X Factor USA 2013. She rendered an acoustic, slow version of the song. I went to YouTube to find the song. When I heard the original, I found the guitars to be glaringly similar to Roxanne by The Police

When I started reading about it, I discovered Bruno Mars had in fact no problem with the comparisons. Neither do I, both songs are great 🙂 

It’s My Life — Bon Jovi

This is not particularly about sampling music, but if It’s my Life is your only favorite song by Bon Jovi (because it played on repeat on iTV), then you’re missing out on some really good music made by the band. The lyric in the song, “…It’s for Tommy and Gina who never backed down”, is actually a reference to a song from the 80s called Livin on a Prayer.

Livin’ on a Prayer hit №1 in 1987, and stayed there for four weeks. It’s the tale of a working class couple, Tommy and Gina, who struggled to make ends meet and vowed to ‘…hold on to what we’ve got’. Ever since, the names of the two characters have become a part of rock mythology. 

Wild Thoughts — DJ Khaled ft. Rihanna, Bryson Tiller

When I first listened to this track, I realized it was literally Maria, Maria by Santana. The song basically samples Maria, Maria, and you can’t miss it. For a second I thought maybe Wild Thoughts was bringing back this classic hit of the late 90s.

This song has been a catchy hit ever since its release, but a lot of young people listening to this new song probably wouldn’t know the connection, so here it is. Carlos Santana is counted among the 25 Greatest Guitarists of all time. 

Have you discovered any other songs that sound similar? Let me know.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. I will be writing more content like this.

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