Back to School

| Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Oh take me back to the start |

Rewind to a few years ago and June was the most exciting month cos that’s when you could go back to school. Well, not really! Sometimes I kind of dreaded the idea of it –  with all the assignments, projects, exams here and there – but there’s no denying the little excitement of meeting old friends and making new ones and learning new things.

It’s ironic that this post is going live on the last day of June, if I had procrastinated any longer it would lose its relevance? #NotProud.

We’ve all come a long way from schooling to college to professional lives. Growing up has been a roller coaster ride that we never imagined of. I dint even know what a roller coaster was until I was 10.

The truth about ‘growing up’ is, there’s no right way of doing it. Each to his own. We’re all transformed by the choices we make; some of which we are proud of while some we’re not very sure about. At any given time, we’re usually under-prepared for what life has to offer and we try really hard to make sense of what is happening around us.

From all of my encounters so far I have made a few observations about life that aren’t very straightforward. That to endure life in its true sense means to go through all of its twists and turns and yet be agile and strong!

  • Find your answers

    In this journey of growing up, nobody is going to have the answers to your questions. You will have to seek them, time after time, all on your own. And when you do find the answers, you will be engulfed with more questions. Well, that’s how it goes on; if you’re not out there looking for something you will lose the drive for life.

  • Time doesn’t wait

    Time always goes by! Figure out how to treasure the moments you spend. Be available for people who need you and also be occupied enough to not waste the precious time you have at hand.

  • Rejection is part of growing up

    We all fail in life at some point. It could be anything, a job or a bad break up. But every rejection comes with a lesson and we need to be able to embrace the rejection and learn from it.

  • Friends don’t always stay

    And that’s really okay! Some friends do, some friends don’t. You will always make new friends as you graduate through different phases of life.

  • Letting go is the key

    You cannot hold on to something that impedes your growth. If you have to evolve, you have to let go of that something that’s tying you down to the ground.

As you grow up, you realize how important it is to be yourself. Most of the time we get stuck in a rat race of growing up, doing the right things, and making it big in life. The essence however lies in finding the true purpose of YOU and living up to it.

YES! I will not make this an ‘all motivation‘ blog post. Fashion story right here…

The first thing that came to my mind when I was thinking about ‘Back to School’ was the ‘Divided Skirt’. Although it was a uniform, I loved wearing those with the wide pleats.

And to channel my love for this trend I put this outfit together.


Outfit Details:

  • Blue Denim Skirt: Ether from Jabong
  • Black Crop Top: Forever 21
  • Boots, Belt and Choker: Forever 21
  • Backpack: Accessorize.

Pictures by Arshad


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