Another Day

| Live another day
Climb a little higher
Find another reason to stay
Ashes in your hands
Mercy in your eyes
If you’re searching for a silent sky
You won’t find it here
Look another way
You won’t find it here
So die another day |


I have always been thankful for friends who introduce me to new music. Remember this song? The first time I heard it, I was in love with it; I cannot recollect who asked me to listen to this one but I’m forever indebted.

One fine morning while I was scrolling and switching between apps, I read, ‘Dream Theater is coming to India this October’ – I had to pause for a bit to check if it was true. It was indeed true and my joy knew no bounds. Instantly I knew I would not miss this for anything under the sun.
I also instantly knew what I was going to wear to the concert, and clearly it was not going to be a Dream Theater T-shirt. It had to be something edgy and what better than a metallic pleated skirt paired with a leather jacket. RAD! In my mind, I knew exactly what the outfit would look like, but putting it together was quite a task.


With just about a week left, I ordered the jacket from Tally Weijil, the crop top from AND and a pair of brogues from The Label Life. I found the perfect skirt in gun metal from NEXT on Jabong, but to my dismay it did not arrive on time. So I went hunting for a skirt to all the malls in town, but in vain.


With only half of my outfit in place, I headed to Mumbai. Wearing jeans was not an option, NO! I dragged my friend along to find that one skirt I needed to wear the next evening. Finally, I found a silver metallic skirt at Forever 21 in Mumbai. Clearly there was a huge difference in the collection of clothes between cities (Hyderabad and Mumbai). Strolling around in the mall, I found this little accessory store, Boga. They had some really chic bags each different from the other. I picked up a little black suede bag with tassels; my friend calls it the Dream Catcher bag. I finished the look with a choker and a silver boho necklace.




All decked up, I reached the venue, only to look prim for about ten minutes before the merciless rains came down. We were soaked in the rain even before the music began, but as we all knew it, ‘Rain or no rain, the show must go on’ and so it did. Who cares about what you look like in the midst of thousands of people cheering the Gods of music, right? I had to resort to a bandana to put my hair up, offered by a sweet lady who traveled all the way from Shillong for the concert.


PS – If you haven’t heard the song before, here it is:


Outfit Details:


Photographer: AJ Aaron


Assisted by: Shevanee

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